Changing a GitHub repository origin from HTTPS to SSH

If a repository is cloned using the HTTPS URL instead of the SSH URL, there will be a prompt for a GitHub username and password. If the SSH URL is used then there will be no prompt for a password if SSH is already set up on GitHub. You can check what is being used, […]

Set up GitHub using a SSH key on Ubuntu 16.04

If not already installed, install Git using the following code in Terminal: It is possible to install git-all instead of git, but if working in just the console git is sufficient as well has being a significantly more lightweight package. If a SSH key has not already been generated, this can be done using the […]

Generate a SSH key to log in via SSH

A SSH key removes the need for a physical password to log in to a remote machine via SSH. To generate an SSH key on the machine you are using to log in, (not the remote machine you wish to log into), use the following code in Terminal: You will have an option to select […]

Enable SSH access to Ubuntu 16.04

If it isn’t already installed, install OpenSSH using the following code in Terminal: Check that OpenSSH is running correctly using: The SSH port used can be edited by editing the configuration file in nano using the following code: To change the port, edit the line Port 22 to whichever port is preferred. Apply the changes using […]

Booting Ubuntu 16.04 directly into Console mode

By default Ubuntu will try booting into the graphical user interface, but if no GUI is installed then Ubuntu will boot to a blank screen and require you to press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to the Console. However, it is possible to get Ubuntu to boot directly into Console mode. Using Terminal enter the following code […]

Securely erasing a hard drive

When getting rid of any old computer it is always a good idea to make sure that the hard drive has been securely erased before getting rid of it. My method for doing this involves booting up using an Ubuntu Desktop live disk/usb and using the shred command in Terminal. Using Terminal enter the following […]